Engineering Mechanics Viva Questions

Engineering Mechanics Viva Questions
1.Look around in the lab and tell me how many Trusses do you see around.

A. I said the aluminum window panes.
2.Where is a flywheel most commonly used? and what is its primary use?
A. Its primarily used in a printing press, and its used mainly to store large amount of energy, in short bursts of time.
3.what is the difference between couple and moment
4.given the force in a diagram, find the moment.
5.explain coplanar forces
6.can coplanar forces be applied to any force system
7.define angle of restitution
8)what is reaction,or define reaction?
9)what is equilibrium?explain it with a rough diagram?
10)conditions of equilibrium?
11)what is pressure?
-angle of repose
-angle of friction
-what is force scale
-why is mu(s) greater than mu(k)
-laws of friction

13.What is restitution?
14.What is plastic collision?
15.What is elastic collision?
16.What is limiting friction?
17.What is the coefficient of restitution for a plastic collision?
18.When is the coefficient of restitution equal to 1?