Circuit and Systems Viva Questions

Circuit and Systems Viva Questions
1. What is a two port network..??
2. What are harmonics . And how and why does clipped sine wave forms.?
3. State millman 's theorem and give its limitations.
4. Tell something about Hurwitz Polynomials.
5. Define Fourier Theorem.
6. Differentiate between Fourier analysis and Fourier synthesis.
7. G-parameter - equation, equivalent circuit, circuit diagrams for experiment
8. Z-parameter - conditions for reciprocity and superposition
9. In given circuit, apply Superposition Theorem
10. What is a Transformer?
11. Uses of variac other than Lab
12. is 3 port n/w possible, if yes then how many variables in 3 port n/w ?
13. Unit of A,B,C,D.
14. Which theorem uses non linear n/w ?
15.disadvantages of z parameter
16.ideal voltage source
17.working of inductor & capacitor
18.what is inductor ? inductor & capacitor acts same ?
20.Which is most unstable in R,L & C ?
21.Damp, steady state, transient response