Btech first year english model paper

Code No: R05010101 Set No. 4
I B.Tech Regular Examinations, Apr/May 2007
( Common to Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering,
Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering,
Computer Science & Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electronics &
Instrumentation Engineering, Bio-Medical Engineering, Information
Technology, Electronics & Control Engineering, Mechatronics, Computer
Science & Systems Engineering, Electronics & Telematics, Metallurgy &
Material Technology, Electronics & Computer Engineering, Production
Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Instrumentation & Control
Engineering, Bio-Technology and Automobile Engineering)
Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 80
Answer any FIVE Questions
All Questions carry equal marks
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1. How was Copernican theory supported by Galileo? [16]
2. ‘Seek the truth and truth shall set you “In what context did Kalam recollect the
statement. [16]
3. Why does Kalam consider Sarabhai the Mahatma of Indian science? [16]
4. What does a river do? Can it play both constructive and destructive parts? Ex-
plain. [16]
5. ‘Keep on trying’ is the success mantra of Kalam. Support this view from your
study of Kalam’s experiences. [16]
6. What did the second flight of Prithvi prove to the world? Explain. [16]
7. (a) The spectacle these men presented would under other circumstances have been
so absurd as to make one laugh, but here it was tragic. Sitting in a tight little
circle with their knees drawn up and their heads together, with the goats
trying to crawl under them, they had that look of intense expectation on their
screwed-up features that one sees on the faces of spectators waiting to hear a
big gun go off. From the time we had first heard the tigress from the ridge,
neither the men nor the goats had made a sound, beyond on suppressed cough.
They were probably by now frozen with fear which they had every right to be
and even if were, I take my hat off to those four men, who had the courage to
do what I, had I been in their position, would not have dreamt of doing. For
seven days they had been hearing the most exaggerated and terrifying tales
of this dreadful beast that had dept them awake the past two nights, an now,
while darkness was coming on, and sitting unarmed in a position where they
could see nothing, they were listening to the man-eater coming nearer and
nearer; grater courage, and greater faith, it is not possible to conceive.
i. What was the spectacle that the men presented ?
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Code No: R05010101 Set No. 4
ii. What would their look of intense expectation suggest ?
iii. What was the only sound that had been heard?
iv. Would the writer have sat down with the men ?
v. What had they heard about the dreadful beast ?
vi. Why does the writer praise their courage and faith ?
vii. Suggest a reason why the men were sitting there with the goats ?
viii. Did the men have fire-arms with them ?
ix. Explain the meaning of the phrase frozen with fear ?
(b) Using the table given below write a detailed paragraph. Transfer the infor-
mation available in the tabular form to a descriptive paragraph . Interpret
and infer messages from the figures. Put the information in logical continuity.
Begin the paragraph with a topic sentence and follow it up with sentences
that help expand, explain, elaborate , exemplify and give an overall picture.
Production in India 1993-94 1994-95 1995-96 1969-97 1997-98
in Million tons
Rice 57.06 48.98 59.01 60.80 62.22
Wheat 35.76 32.21 50.89 75.43 80.79
Sugarcane 25.11 24.10 28.08 29.31 30.08
Tea 15.88 20.11 25.77 30.80 48.92
Coffee 12.00 10.86 18.25 23.62 40.77
8. (a) Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb forms. [4×4=16]
i. He (walk ) across the road when a bicycle hit him.
ii. If wishes (be ) horses, beggars would ride them.
iii. In this season, usually the day (dawn) at 6.00a.m.
iv. Neither of them (serve ) the mankind.
(b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition / article
i. The rich must have compassion the poor people.
ii. I am very curious about knowing the result.
iii. Every student must submit article on any subject
iv. I want to purchase audio system today.
(c) Add prefixes or suffixes to the given meanings
i. archy = without government
ii. script = written afterwards
iii. construct = act of constructing
iv. book = a small book
(d) Fill in the blanks with appropriate word choosing from the bracket.
i. He is of her victory in the elocution contest (zealous / jealous
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Code No: R05010101 Set No. 4
ii. No man will cheat others (decent / descent )
iii. The of the food was given off to the beggars (remainder /
iv. The enemy forces raised a of the fort , cutting off supply
routes. (siege / seize )

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