BTech ENGLISH Examinations previous question paper

Code No: R05010101 Set No. 2
I B.Tech Regular Examinations, Apr/May 2007
( Common to Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering,
Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering,
Computer Science & Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electronics &
Instrumentation Engineering, Bio-Medical Engineering, Information
Technology, Electronics & Control Engineering, Mechatronics, Computer
Science & Systems Engineering, Electronics & Telematics, Metallurgy &
Material Technology, Electronics & Computer Engineering, Production
Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Instrumentation & Control
Engineering, Bio-Technology and Automobile Engineering)
Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 80
Answer any FIVE Questions
All Questions carry equal marks

1. How did Jalaluddin and Samsuddin have a hold on Kalam? [16]
2. (a) How did the word‘computer ethics’ come into being?
(b) Explain the significance of it. [7+9]
3. He racked his brain for a long while till sheer exhaustion calmed his agitated nerves
and made him accept the situation with a helpless resignation ? What was the
helpless situation and what prompted Datta to think so much? [16]
4. What is the role played by Dr. Satish Dhawan in Indian space research? [16]
5. The shy but cheerful girl with boundless energy and a strong inclination for adven-
ture, Kalpana from Karnal becomes an astronaut in NASA. How could she make
this possible? [16]
6. O. Henry supported great art or great love in the story ‘A Service of Love’. Discuss.
7. Write a detailed essay in your own words on the topic ‘Evils of drug addiction’.[16]
8. (a) Correct the following sentences. [4×4=16]
i. I don’t think he can be able to solve the problem.
ii. He was called as ‘the big brother’ by his friends.
iii. Let us discuss about the dispute
iv. The volunteers came to the meeting by foot.
(b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition / article
i. I am talking about India I knew when I was young.
ii. She learnt to play violin.
iii. She was angry me.
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Code No: R05010101 Set No. 2
iv. We congratulated him his success.
(c) Use the following idioms / phrases in your own sentences
i. Bolt from the blue
ii. By hook or crook
iii. To be abreast of
iv. Be all and end all
(d) Write the synonyms of the following words
i. worsen
ii. frank
iii. consent
iv. tendency

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