Jntu Engineering Drawing Syllabus

Jntu Engineering Drawing Syllabus Btech first Year
UNIT I INTRODUCTION TO ENGINEERING DRAWING : Principles of Engineering Graphics and their Significance
Drawing Instruments and their Use Conventions in Drawing Lettering BIS Conventions. Curves usedin Engineering Practice & their Constructions :a) Conic Sections including the Rectangular Hyperbola General method only.b) Cycloid, Epicycloid and Hypocycloidc) Involute.d) Scales: Different types of Scales, Plain scales comparative scales, scales of chords.
UNIT IIDRAWING OF PROJECTIONS OR VIEWS ORTHOGRAPHIC PROJECTION IN FIRST ANGLEPROJECTION: Principles of Orthographic Projections Conventions First and Third Angle, Projections ofPoints and Lines inclined to both planes, True lengths, traces.TOP
UNIT IIIPROJECTIONS OF PLANES & SOLIDS: Projections of regular Planes, auxiliary planes and Auxiliaryprojection inclined to both planes. Projections of Regular Solids inclined to both planes Auxiliary Views.
UNIT IVSECTIONS AND SECTIONAL VIEWS:-Right Regular Solids Prism, Cylinder, Pyramid, Cone Auxiliaryviews.DEVELOPMENT AND INTERPENETRATION OF SOLIDS: Development of Surfaces of Right, RegularSolids Prisms, Cylinder, Pyramid Cone and their parts. Interpenetration of Right Regular Solids
UNIT VINTERSECTION OF SOLIDS:-Intersection of Cylinder Vs Cylinder, Cylinder Vs Prism, Cylinder Vs Cone.
UNIT - VIISOMETRIC PROJECTIONS : Principles of Isometric Projection Isometric Scale Isometric Views Conventions Isometric Views of Lines, Plane Figures, Simple and Compound Solids Isometric Projectionof objects having non- isometric lines. Isometric Projection of Spherical Parts.
UNIT VIITRANSFORMATION OF PROJECTIONS : Conversion of Isometric Views to Orthographic Views Conventions.
UNIT VIIIPERSPECTIVE PROJECTIONS : Perspective View : Points, Lines, Plane Figures and Simple Solids,Vanishing Point Methods (General Method only).
1.Engineering Drawing, N.D. Bhat / Charotar
2.Engineering Drawing and Graphics, Venugopal / New age.
3.Engineering Drawing Basant Agrawal, TMH
1.Engineering drawing P.J. Shah.S.Chand.
2.Engineering Drawing, Narayana and Kannaiah / Scitech publishers.
3.Engineering Drawing-Johle/Tata Macgraw Hill.
4.Computer Aided Engineering Drawing- Trymbaka Murthy-I.K. International.
5.Engineering Drawing Grower.
6.Engineering Graphics for Degree K.C. John.

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