List of Experiments:
1. Basic Operations on Matrices.
2. Generation of Various Signals and Sequences (Periodic and Aperiodic), such as Unit impulse, unit step, square, saw tooth, triangular, sinusoidal, ramp, sinc.
3. Observations on signals and sequences such as addition, multiplication, scaling , shifting, folding, computation of energy and average power.
4. Finding the even and odd parts of signal/ sequence and real and imaginary parts of signal.
5. Convolution between signals and sequences.
6. Autocorrelation and cross correlation between signals and sequences.
7. Verification of linearity and time invariance properties of a given continuous/discrete system.
8. Computation of unit sample, unit step and sinusoidal responses of the given LTI system and verifying its physical realizability and stability properties.
9. Gibbs phenomenon.
10. Finding the Fourier transform of a given signal and plotting its magnitude and phase spectrum.
11. Waveform synthesis using Laplace Tronsform.
12. Locating the zeros and poles and plotting the pole-zero maps in S plane and Z-plane for the given transfer function.
13. Generation of Gaussian noise (real and complex), computation of its mean, M.S. Value and its Skew, Kurtosis, and PSD, Probability Distribution Function.
14. Sampling theorem verification.
15. Removal of noise by autocorrelation / cross correlation.
16. Extraction of periodic signal masked by noise using correlation.
17. Verification of winer-khinchine relations.
18. Checking a random process for stationarity in wide sense.